This grammar and composition textbook was created by the English Two Honors classes of Walhalla High School, 2008-2009. We have attempted to identify problems that most students encounter in writing assignments, and these pages were created to provide all the rules, standards, tips, and suggestions a student might need to help create a strong written product for any class.

We welcome any comments and suggestions, and we will be updating this resource through the school year.

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Pages Arranged in a Traditional Table of Contents
Grouped by Related Topics
Pages Arranged Based on the Writing Process
(Designed by the class based on their consensus
on how to approach a writing assignment)
Chapter One: Grammar
1. Grammar One Basic Information
2. Grammar Two Common Punctuation
3. Grammar Three Uncommon Punctuation

Chapter Two: Composition
4. Basic Paragraph Structure
5. Basic Essay Structures
6. Common Academic Writing Structures
7. Style and Voice

Chapter Three: The Writing Process
8. Prewriting Strategies
9. Drafting
10. Editing
11. Revising
12. Polishing and Publishing

Chapter Four: Content
13. Choosing and Refining Topics
14. Selecting Appropriate Support
15. Integrating Quotes and Paraphrases

Chapter Five: Crediting Sources
16. MLA Format
17. In Text Citations
18. Works Cited and Bibliography
19. Annotated Bibliography

20. Tips from a Teacher
Prewriting Strategies




Polishing and Publishing